Day Strands: Your Ultimate Guide to Warm Weather Wig Wear

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Conquer the Heat with Confidence: Expert Tips for Summer-Proofing Your Wig

As the sun takes center stage, it's time to gear up for summertime fun without letting your wig wear you down. Whether you're hitting the beach or enjoying a breezy boat ride, we've got the tips on keeping your wig secure and stylish through all your summer adventures.

Securing Your Wig for Summer Activities


Adventure awaits this summer, and there's no reason your wig shouldn't be part of all the fun. To confidently engage in dynamic activities, from beach outings to boating adventures, consider these tips:

Wig Grips for Windy Days


A wig grip is a must-have accessory for any active wig wearer. It fits comfortably around your head, ensuring your wig stays secure against gusts of wind, whether you're sailing or enjoying a convertible ride.

Double-Sided Wig Tape for Extra Hold


For activities that might involve more movement, double-sided wig tape provides an additional level of security. It's particularly effective around the hairline, maintaining your wig's position and natural look even during vigorous activities.

Braids, Buns, and Ponytails


Styling your wig in braids, buns, or ponytails isn't just trendy – it's practical for summer adventures. These styles keep your wig neatly in place and off your neck, providing comfort and reducing the chances of tangling during activities.

Summer Looks to Conquer the Heat with Confidence

This summer, step out in style with fresh and trendy looks tailored for alternative hair. Embrace the season with these vibrant and airy styles:

  • Beach Waves for a Relaxed Look: Nothing says summer like soft, beachy waves. Opt for wigs with a natural wave pattern or use gentle styling techniques to achieve this effortlessly chic look.

  • Bright Colors for Sunny Days: Add a splash of color to your summer with wigs in brighter shades. From sun-kissed blondes to vibrant reds, a new hue can completely transform your style.

  • Pixie Cuts for Cool Comfort: A stylish pixie cut wig is not only fashionable but also incredibly practical for the summer heat. Its short length keeps you cool while offering a bold, modern look.

  • Bob Cuts for a Classic Summer Style: Bobs are timeless and perfect for warmer weather. They offer a sleek, manageable length that works well with summer outfits, from casual tees to evening dresses.


Remember, summer is the perfect time to experiment with lighter, more breathable wig cap constructions and materials. Whether you're lounging by the pool or exploring new destinations, these styles will ensure you look and feel fabulous all season long.

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Stay Chic and Breezy: Summer Styles to Keep You Cool

Summer calls for hairstyles that not only look stylish but also provide comfort and relief from the heat. Consider these options to keep your hair elegantly lifted away from your neck:

  • Embrace Braided Beauty: Braided hairpieces are a fantastic way to add a touch of elegance while keeping cool. If you're wearing a wig, try incorporating braids into your style. Braids not only secure your wig but also add a fashionable twist to your summer look.

  • High Ponytails and Wraps for a Breezy Feel: Transform your wig into a high ponytail or consider a wrap style to enjoy a breezy and comfortable experience. High ponytails and wraps not only keep you cool but also ensure your hair stays in place, whether you're enjoying a casual day out or an evening event.

  • Shop Extensions and Hairpieces for Summer: Update your summer hair wardrobe with extensions and hairpieces that are perfect for the season. Choose from a variety of lengths, colors, and styles to find the perfect match for your summer adventures.

These summer hair solutions offer the perfect blend of style and practicality, ensuring you stay cool and chic throughout the season. Explore our collection and find the ideal summer hair accessories to complement your unique style.

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Wearing Your Wig in the Water


While wigs and water might not seem like a match, with careful planning, you can enjoy the shore and surf:


  •  Before taking a dip, secure your wig with waterproof adhesives designed for swimmers.

  • Wear a swim cap instead of your wig to reduce water exposure and damage.

  • Post-swim, rinse your wig in fresh water to clear out salt or chlorine, which can dry out and damage the fibers.



Styling Tips for Heat Endurance


Maintain your wig's allure, even when the temperatures soar:


  • Use heat protectant sprays before any styling to guard against the harsh sun.

  • Embrace lightweight synthetic wigs that can hold a style longer without reacting to humidity.

  • A spritz of dry shampoo can combat sweat-induced limpness, adding volume and freshness to your look.

Final Considerations and Consultation:


With these wig-wearing tips, you'll breeze through the summer with poise and style. For more advice on enjoying the summer to the fullest while keeping your wig looking fabulous, visit The Wig Company Blog or reach out to our Wig Expert, Christina Jones, and don’t forget to check back to see our latest styles of women’s wigs.


Seeking personalized assistance? Reach out to our wig connoisseur Christina Jones at or follow @thehairyoulove on Instagram. Whether you need help with fitting, styling advice online, or finding a local expert for an in-person consultation, Christina is your go-to source for all things wigs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do wigs perform in different weather conditions?

Human hair wigs will react like our own hair does in different temperatures and weather conditions. Given the blend of Chinese, Indian, and European, wigs tend to frizz or fall flat in humid temperatures. Synthetic hair keeps its look and shape in any weather.

Can I wear my wig during physical activities, like swimming or exercising?

Although you can wear a wig in the pool or shower, it is not recommended. Chlorine and other properties in pools can damage your wig causing color changes, dryness, and matting. When you need to wash your wig, it’s best to remove and wash it in a sink or basin. This will allow you to gently wash the cap and condition the hair. Wigs can be worn while exercising but we recommend having a backup wig that you can use for activities that will add more wear to them.

Can I sleep or swim with my wig on?

Although possible, we do not recommend sleeping or swimming with your wig on. Sleeping with a wig can create matting, frizz, and tangles. Chlorine and other properties in pools can damage your wig causing color changes, dryness, and matting. We recommend using a backup wig you don’t mind damaging or a sleep or swim cap.

How can I make my wig feel more secure?

Wigs are made with adjustable straps and these really help keep the wig secure. If you want added security you can use The Hair Grip or sew in clips in the interior to allow the wig to be clipped onto your bio hair.