How to Wash a Synthetic Wig

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Your Guide on How to Properly Wash, Condition, and Dry a Synthetic Wig

Can you Wash Synthetic Wigs?

Yes, you can wash synthetic wigs but we recommend only using wig shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to clean fibers gently and thoroughly. Regular hair care products may contain chemicals that can damage synthetic wigs so we do not recommend using regular shampoo or conditioner to wash your wigs.

How often should I wash?

Determining how often to wash your wig generally depends on how often you wear it. Your wig should be washed after about 6-8 wears, or every two to three weeks. However, your lifestyle also plays a big part in how often your wig should be washed. If you're around heavy smoke, perfume, or strong odors of any kind, you should wash it more often. A good indicator that it’s time to wash your wig is if it looks and feels lifeless.

You will need the following items to wash your wig:

  1. A wig brush. Our recommended brush is the TWC Touch Up Brush.

  2. 1. Wig shampoo and conditioner, such as HAIRUWEAR CLEANSE SHAMPOO and HAIRUWEAR RESTORE CONDITIONER Wig shampoo and conditioner are specially formulated to clean fibers gently to keep your hair soft and easy to manage. Note: If you're washing a human hair wig, human hair shampoo and conditioner should be used. However, you will still want a wig brush and a wig stand.

  3. A wig stand, like the PORTABLE WIG STAND by REVIVE.

  4. A clean towel.

Preparing to Wash Your Wig

Take a look at your wig. Wigs should be washed when they are dull, lifeless, over-sprayed, or tangled from too much teasing. Start by gently brushing your wig from the bottom in short strokes to remove knots and any spray build-up, and also to separate the hair fibers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Washing Your Synthetic Wig:

Step 1: Soak

Mix cool water with wig shampoo in a sink or basin (never use a washing machine). Soak your wig for five minutes, or a little longer depending on how soiled it is. Even if your wig is quite soiled, never rub, twist or wring it. If your wig is longer or tends to tangle, skip soaking and simply hold it in your hand while allowing the water to run from root to ends.

Step 2: Clean

After the five minutes, gently dip it up and down in the water. If there are makeup stains on the cap, clean them gently with a small brush (like a toothbrush).

Step 3: Rinse

Rinse your wig gently but thoroughly in cool water.

Step 4: Condition

After washing your wig, conditioning it will restore the original style pattern of your wig. Conditioning the wig will keep it looking great and lasting longer. Synthetic wig conditioner contains specially blended oils that soften dryness and bring out the luster and mobility of the fiber. To condition your wig, refill your sink or basin with clean, cool water. Add one or two capfuls of conditioner to the cool water (for human hair conditioner, follow product directions). Immerse your wig in the conditioner solution, gently working the solution through the wig with your fingers.

Step 5: Rinse

Rinse your wig again gently but thoroughly in cool water.

Step 6: Dry

The weight of the water could stretch the wig fibers and ruin the style. To avoid this, pat the excess water out of the wig with a towel. Hang your wig loosely on a wig stand or a spray can to dry at room temperature. Never place a wet wig on a Styrofoam head or a blockhead which can stretch the wig cap. Also, never comb a wet wig or attempt to speed dry it with a blow dryer. Air drying takes only a few hours and ensures healthy-looking, manageable fibers. Note: For human hair wigs/hairpieces, blow-drying and heat styling is recommended for optimal results.

Wig Washing FAQs

I just bought a new synthetic wig, should I wash it before wearing it?

It is not necessary to wash a synthetic wig before wearing it. If you feel it has some shine you can spray with dry shampoo.

I only have regular shampoo; can I still wash my wig?

You can get by with 1-2 washes with regular shampoo but keep in mind it will remove some shine and is not recommended long term. Try to purchase synthetic safe products when you buy your wig so you have it when its time: Care Products for Synthetic Hair.

Will washing my synthetic wig reduce frizz?

Washing doesn’t specifically reduce frizz but does help how the wig looks overall. With a regular synthetic wig, a steamer and a round brush with a metal base can smooth out stubborn frizz or damage. With a heat-friendly synthetic wig, using a boar bristle brush and a blow drying will smooth out frizz. If the wig is curly you will have to restyle after smoothing.

Will washing my synthetic wig make it softer?

Washing a wig does make the fiber softer and more manageable. When a wig is due for a wash, the fiber seems stiff and dry or “hard”. Washing it refreshes the fiber make it move more and feel softer.

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