Ultimate Guide to Staying Cool in Your Wig this Summer

Written by: Christina Jones



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Tips to Maintain Your Style in the Summer Heat

Wow, summer is here and it’s hotter than ever! Which is why, now is the perfect time to share my Ultimate Guide to Staying Cool in Your Wig this Summer. While it sounds nice to hear “just put your hair up in a pony”, when you’re a full-time wig wearer, it’s not that easy. Sure, with your own hair you can pull off a 5-second pony and run out the door, but with a wig - where do you even start?

The first challenge is that wigs are made for the hair to be directed down, not up. Secondly, you have to factor in the hairline, maybe it has a lace front feature, but what about the neckline? There are so many tips and tricks I’m dying to share! Plus, some very useful information from what cap constructions feel the coolest, to what stylish tips look the coolest (wink). Let’s get to everything you need to know!

What Cap Constructions are best for summer?


You want to start with the most breathable cap and these are called Traditional, also known as Capless. The name fits perfectly because they are made with openings that allow venting throughout the entire cap. This almost makes it feel like it’s not even there. It allows air to flow freely throughout so it’s breathable and cool: the ultimate perk during the hot summer months. Shop our Traditional/Capless styles.


Lace Front:

Lace front wigs are hand-tied and made to mimic your own hairline. This feature allows you to style your hair off of the face and let’s “face” it, that’s always a good idea if you’re sweating. Try hairstyles where you can style the bang back with a headband or off to the side with some accessories - you’ll automatically jazz it up. Shop our Lace Front wigs.


What hair types are lighter?

We’re taught to think natural is always better, so you would think human hair is always the answer. However, when it comes to keeping cool during the summer, human hair loses the match against synthetic hair.


Why? First of all, human hair wigs are often made denser. Secondly, more density means more weight, which will definitely make it feel hotter. Lastly, who wants to spend time styling with heat tools, when you’ll be outside in the heat - and if you live in a state like the one I call home, HUMID HEAT?


Synthetic and Heat-Friendly Synthetic fiber are not only lighter and cooler, but also don’t require styling and keep their shape even in Alaska and Arizona, which if you didn’t know, are the most humid states in the US. As a rule of thumb, avoid using too many styling products in your hair during the summer: more hairspray equals more heat. Shop our amazing selection of Ready-to-Wear Synthetic styles and Heat Friendly styles.


OK, so now you know what cap constructions and hair types are best. But there are so many ways to make your favorite wig look cool while also keeping you cool.


I wanted to create looks for both, those who can pull some of your own hair along the hairline and for those that can’t. Summer is all about accessorizing your looks and being a wig wearer shouldn't stop you. Whether you're hopping on a Zoom call or running to the store, these looks are polished, put-together, and just plain COOL!

The Cool Factor - Free your Face and Neck

The goal is to get the hair off your face and neck, this is an instant way to cool off. Roll a large square scarf and tie a knot on the side to get this look.

Go Up to Cool Down- Pretty Pony Please

When putting a wig in a pony, keep it low to mid, high ponies can look a little forced. Follow the steps below to get this “wait that’s not your hair” ponytail.

  1. Pull your hair out along the hairline

  2. Place your hair in a mid-pony

  3. Pull pieces at the crown to shape

If pulling your hair out along the hairline isn’t an option, add a scarf and use it to conceal the edge of the wig and hairline. This look was one of my favorites because it has a cool retro vibe. Use a smaller square scarf and roll then tie the ends to get that effortless bow look.

Comment and share your favorite tip, plus tag us in your photos. We can’t wait to see how cool you look while staying cool this summer and every hot day to come.

You can recreate all of these looks with our Beautiful Choice Monofilament Wig - color K13 was depicted here but we carry many others to fit your signature look.

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