Embracing Your True Self: Felicia's Journey From Hair Loss to Hair Love

Written by: Christina Jones



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In Good Company: Felicia Wig Journey

Discovering Comfort and Confidence: How Felicia Found Her Perfect Wig and a Community of Support

Step inside the dynamic world of 'In Good Company', our specially curated series for those intrigued by the transformative power of wigs. This episode is a haven for those hunting for genuine customer testimonials about how wigs can be effortlessly maintained, save you precious time, and are an incredible resource.

Our resident pro Christina from @thehairyoulove had the pleasure of speaking to Felicia from @feliciadelaneyfinds . She candidly talks about her journey with hair loss as a young child, her not so great first wig experience, and the women who gave her the confidence to wear wigs. Her goal with her social media is to help normalize wearing alternative hair and help educate on the many options out there. Watch her full interview and see why she describes finding the right wig to being home, “it’s wonderful!” she says. 

Felicia's Top Picks

Explore Felicia's favorite wigs that blend style, comfort, and convenience, making her a proud and enthusiastic wig wearer for life:

Statement Style in Pale Gold Honey color

Big Spender in Shaded Biscuit

Big Spender in Hazelnut color

I hope you enjoy this enlightening episode and discover how seamlessly wigs can weave into your life. After all, embracing new styles and narratives is all the more special when you're in good company!

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