In Good Company: Tammie

by Kristen Collins
three ladies wearing various styles of wigs smiling

Welcome to another episode of 'In Good Company', where we offer you a window into the inspiring journeys of real women who wear wigs with confidence and style. If you've been seeking authentic testimonials on how to don your wig confidently, this episode is a must-watch!

Meet Tammie from @tammielovesfragrances in this enlightening interview with our TWC Wig Expert, Christina from @thehairyoulove. Tammie shares her personal wig journey, from her first encounter with wigs, her preferred styles, to her priceless advice for wig beginners. She also offers a step-by-step demonstration on how she effortlessly puts on her wigs.

Our 'In Good Company' series is a hub for all individuals exploring the world of wigs, be it due to medical conditions like cancer, chemotherapy, or simply the love of versatility that wigs offer. Our goal is to foster a supportive community where we uplift each other during our unique hair journeys.

Whether you're experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons, or are just starting your wig exploration, this video offers insights, advice, and the confidence to embrace wigs. Join us and discover how you too can wear your wig with confidence and grace!

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