Embracing the Wig Life: Lorena's Journey of Transformation and Confidence

by Christina Jones
Embracing the Wig Life: Lorena

Discover the Empowering World of Wig Wearing with Lorena's Inspiring Story in 'In Good Company' Series


Step inside the dynamic world of 'In Good Company', our specially curated series for those intrigued by the transformative power of wigs. This episode is a haven for those hunting for genuine customer testimonials about how wigs can be effortlessly maintained, save you precious time, and are an incredible resource.


We sat down with the amazing Lorena from @faux.hurr.life, alongside our resident pro Christina from @thehairyoulove. Lorena touches on how her first wig sat in her closet for years but explains what helped her feel ready to try wigs again. She credits the amazing wig community on social media for being her support and sisterhood during her journey. When asked what she would change about that journey, if anything, she says she would have started wearing wigs sooner. Watch her full interview and see why she’s so thrilled to say, “I’m a wig wearer for life.”

Lorena's Top Picks

Explore Lorena's favorite wigs that blend style, comfort, and convenience, making her a proud and enthusiastic wig wearer for life:

Simmer Elite in Shaded Hazelnut color

Wavy Day in Iced Java color

Show Stopper in Dark Chocolate color

I hope you enjoy this enlightening episode and discover how seamlessly wigs can weave into your life. After all, embracing new styles and narratives is all the more special when you're in good company!

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