Petite Kate

Petite Kate

$180.00 Regular price $199.96 Sale price
MR101 Platinum Blonde
MR18/22 Ash Blonde / Light Ash Blonde Blend
MR51LF60 Off-Blk w/ 75% Grey to White Mix in Front
MR14/24 Dark Blonde / Pale Gold Blonde Blend
MR17/101 Ash Brn / Platinum Blonde Blend
MR4/8 Dark Brn / Gold Brn Blend
MR56T Med 3-Tone Grey Blend
MR8/12 Gold Brn / Light Brn Blend
MR1226CH Light Brn w/ Gold Blonde Chunk HL
MCARMKSS Gold Brn w/ Light Copper Blonde HL
MR12/26H Light Brn w/ Gold Blonde HL
MR10/14 Med Ash Brn / Dark Blonde Blend
MR14/26H Dark Blonde w/ Gold Blonde HL
MR14/8H Gold Brn w/ Dark Blonde HL
MR16/22 Honey Blonde/ Light Ash Blonde Blend
MR2/4 Darkest Brn / Dark Brn Blend
MR302826 Med Auburn / Light Auburn / Gold Blonde Blend
MR38 Med Brn w/ 25% Grey
MR4/6 Dark Brn / Chestnut Brn Blend
MR56 Off-Black w/ 90% Grey
MR59T Light 3-Tone Gray Blend
MR6/10 Chestnut Brn / Med Ash Brn Blend
MR60 White
MRH1488 Dark Blonde w/ Lightest Blonde HL
MR8/26H Gold Brn w/ Gold Blonde HL



Color: MR101 Platinum Blonde


Petite Kate is a classic boy cut featuring layers that build extra volume in all of the right places. Finish it off with a neatly tapered nape for a beautifully natural look.

Style is shown in color: MR38 - Medium Brown with 25% Grey

PURE STRETCH CAP with Layered Boy Cut with Volumizing Waves & Tapered Nape.