Peace Wig

Peace Wig

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MCARMKSS Gold Brn w/ Light Copper Blonde HL
MR14/26H Dark Blonde w/ Gold Blonde HL
M323340F Dark Brn / Dark Auburn / Med Gold Blonde Frost
MR6LF29 Chestnut Brn to Bright Red Mix in Front
MRH61327 Light Auburn w/ Pale Blonde HL & Pale Blonde Tips
MR32F Dark Brn / Dark Auburn Frost
MH1226R4 Light Brn w/ Chunky Gold Blonde HL & Dark Brn Roots
MR8/26H Gold Brn w/ Gold Blonde HL
MR20RT8 Light Auburn / Gold Blonde Frost w/ Gold Brn Roots
MR12/26H Light Brn w/ Gold Blonde HL
MR6/10 Chestnut Brn / Med Ash Brn Blend
M26613T8 Gold Blonde w/ Pale Blonde HL & Gold Brn Roots
MR1226CH Light Brn w/ Gold Blonde Chunk HL
MR2/4 Darkest Brn / Dark Brn Blend
MR4/8 Dark Brn / Gold Brn Blend
M1488RT8 Highlighted Copper Blonde w/ Gold Brn Roots
MR14/8H Gold Brn w/ Dark Blonde HL
MR4/6 Dark Brn / Chestnut Brn Blend
MRH1488 Dark Blonde w/ Lightest Blonde HL
MR26/613 Gold Blonde / Pale Blonde Blend
MR8/12 Gold Brn / Light Brn Blend
MRT61327 Light Auburn Tipped w/ Pale Blonde
MR133F Dark Auburn / Auburn / Bright Red Frost
MR302826 Med Auburn / Light Auburn / Gold Blonde Blend



Color: MCARMKSS Gold Brn w/ Light Copper Blonde HL


Peace's beautiful long layers pair perfectly with loose, elegant waves for a salon-ready look in seconds.

Style is shown in color: MR26/613 - Golden Blonde / Pale Blonde Blend

PURE STRETCH CAP with Long Flowing Style with Face Framing Layers and Loose Curls.