10 Stylish Turbans for Hair Loss and Chemo

by Shopify API

For women who are experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy or alopecia, headwear can be an essential part of the everyday wardrobe, not just a fashion accessory. For this reason, it’s important to choose a headwear option that can be worn all day and looks great in any setting, from casual to formal.

At The Wig Company we know you want options for stylish and comfortable headwear for hair loss, which is why we’ve expanded our collection to include popular designer turbans by Christine Headwear. Inspired by nature from the Danish west coast, Christine Headwear turbans and head wraps are made from the finest natural materials, with full head coverage to create a secure, comfortable fit and overall protection for the most sensitive scalp. Each style is designed to provide volume and fullness and can be worn throughout the day, as well as overnight. Look great and feel confident with solid colors, beautiful patterns, and bright, bold styles.

Are Turbans Comfortable for Cancer Patients?
Christine headwear turbans are ideal for women experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy or alopecia, as they are made with an all-natural bamboo-viscose breathable fabric that comfortably absorbs moisture, fits securely, and stays in place for all-day wear.

10 Turbans for Hair Loss from Chemotherapy or Alopecia
The following 10 turban styles and colors in this collection bring you beautiful and unique designs, constructed with decorative and fitted pleats, layers, and smart draping along the front and back for added style. Capture the spirit of natural elegance with a fitted lotus flower along the side (available in select styles).

LOTUS TURBAN SOLID by Christine Headwear is available in 5 solid nature-inspired colors, each designed with the fitted lotus flower along the side.

LOTUS PRINTED TURBAN by Christine Headwear features a chic lotus flower, and is available in both khaki and pink.

SHANTI TURBAN by Christine Headwear is a stylish two-color combination of modern elegance and smart fashion.

Both the AZURE PRINTED TURBAN and the KHAKI PRINTED TURBAN by Christine Headwear were designed by Danish supermodel and photographer, Helena Christensen. Each turban features a stunning magnolia print in natural shades of green, brown, purple and pink, creating a gorgeous and distinctive look.