Making a Statement | Guest Blog

by Christina Jones






Have you ever felt that you wanted to make a statement that declares: “You might think you know me, but there’s a whole lot more of me to explore.”

When TheWigCompany asked me to test out some wigs, I did not anticipate the full range of feelings that I would experience while shooting these photos. Each style unleashed a new celebratory fervor.

So I decided to extend my elated mood by donning a short silver pixie wig as I headed off to dinner with my friend at our regular spot. She, and the staff, thought I had spent the afternoon getting a remarkable salon makeover! I didn’t tell my secret. It was too glorious a moment.

Ultimate by Statements

Flattered by Statements

Rock Me by Statements


Flip The Page by Statements 

The freedom from little harmless changes can be liberating. Hairdos, or even face hair for men, are joy-full elixirs. In a way, each hairdo transported me back to my 20s & 30s, when semi-monthly I used to walk into the hairdresser and say: Do whatever you want! And, to the shock of many including myself—nobody ever passed on that offer! But, sometime in my 40s, between kids, work & life, I stopped being so adventurous. Then I began modeling at 57 and my hair became a bit of a signature statement, so changing it up too much wasn’t in the cards.

But now I have a new energized perspective. I understand why my Mom and others have worn wigs for years: To some degree they satisfy a craving for harmless entertainment and in minutes have us looking like we spent hours getting ready.


Luxurious by Statements


Summer Heat by Statements

Flip The Page by Statements


Exposure by Statements 

While this was the first time I’d worn a wig, it won’t be my last. It was a blast to channel my inner Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry, Catherine Deneuve and everyone in between. I recommend it! (See my Instagram Reel and Story!) There are satisfying styles for every secret fantasy or just plain every day round-the-town living! I promise more smiles, a heightened sense of freedom plus newfound spunk. Maybe you’ll even gain a bit more acceptance of your inner awesome eccentricity! Let me know if you decide to give it a try and please be sure to share your pictures and tag #TheWigCompany if you do!



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