Feel on TOP of the World

by Christina Jones

What are Toppers?

Toppers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and lengths. And when you choose the right one, all you see is your hair, but better. I feel strongly about toppers being a hair solution for anyone and everyone. They address so many hair concerns that I’ve yet to find someone (even those blessed with a full head of hair) who hasn’t tried one on and fallen in love. Adding a topper that has a lower hairline or bang can conceal a larger forehead or receding hairline.

Rule of thumb: a good topper should not be seen.

girl with black wig topper on girl with long blonde topper on
Cece is wearing Chameleon by Raquel Welch in color R2
girl with black toppers girl short hair toppers
I fell in love with Top It Off With Layers by Hairdo in color R1416T.

There are so many options when it comes to hair. There are hair pieces, wigs, extensions, and top pieces. Even within those categories there are endless options. Toppers, a better known term for top pieces, are the most requested of hair pieces. Learn what makes them so popular as I share the ins and outs and help you determine if a topper is right for you.

woman with thin hair woman with long black hair topper
Before After

How-to Apply

Through working with toppers as a stylist, I’ve learned some tips along the way. Blending a topper is the key to getting that “no topper, topper look.” If your topper DOES NOT have a lace-front hairline, it’s important to place it slightly behind your own hairline. Why is this so important? If the topper does not have lace, the front edge can seem a little harsh and straight. If that is exposed, it could be a clear giveaway there is something there. Keep them guessing by placing these toppers behind your own hairline. If your own hairline is receding and is your main concern, shop these lace front topper options listed below. A lace front topper is designed to be placed at the hairline and recreates a more natural look.

Tips & Tricks

  • If your topper is synthetic, use dry shampoo to dull any excess shine.
  • Match the topper color to your mid-shaft ends – what part of your hair will be next to the topper?
  • If you’re using a topper to change your hair color, choose a base color that matches your own and then play around with highlight tones.
  • Gather some of your own hair and the topper hair and tease together at the front edge of the topper.
  • Choose a topper that is close to your hair length or no shorter than 4-6 inches.
  • Select a base size that is a half inch-an inch larger than your thinning area or area of concern.
  • Add a root using a spray or eye shadow to blend in the part with your own hair and regrowth.

More is More

Get the best of both worlds and combine a topper with an extension or hairpiece. If you want length and fullness but also need to conceal thinning or want volume on top, a topper combined with an extension set gives you the ultimate result. You can also pair a topper with a pony or hair wrap to create fullness and a look that can be dressed up or down.

Hair Loss Level Chart

If you have thinning on the top or an area of concern, toppers can provide a comfortable solution. The chart below is a visual aid to help you determine what image looks closest to you and can shop based on that. Choose a topper with a base that measures 1” larger than your area of concern so you have strong hair to attach it to. Toppers come in different size bases ideal for different areas of the head.

New Technology

Technology advances constantly. Gone are the days when lace front was only available to celebrities and movie sets, lace fronts are now the standard and accessible to anyone and everyone.

The latest technology when it comes to toppers is movable clips. The base on the latest styles by Hairdo have the same pressure sensitive clips most toppers have but they’re attached to Velcro making them easy to remove and move to a different spot. Why is this important? Always clipping to the same hair or area can cause damage over time. Slightly re-position the clips each week to avoid clipping onto the same hair.

Watch my In the Know Takeover discussing toppers and removable clips.

Toppers are available in regular synthetic, heat-friendly, and human hair. If you have a unique hair color or are unable to find the perfect match, choosing human hair will give you the ability to customize and color so it blends flawlessly.

Is a Topper Right for Me?

  • If you answer yes to any of these questions, you’d love a topper
  • Do you have thinning or a bald spot on the top of your head?
  • Do you wear extensions but need fullness on top?
  • Do you constantly reach for root touch up spray and wish you had an easier way to cover regrowth?
  • Would you like temporary bangs, highlights or layers

Have you decided if toppers are right for you? If you still need additional help, email me!