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Discover Your Best Blonde: A Guide For Your Skin Tone

Skip the guesswork – find the blonde hue that harmonizes with your complexion.

While the blonde vs brunette debate continues, what I do know for a fact is changing up your hair color is always fun! Though not the easiest task, when going blonde finding the perfect level and tone for your skin color is key. Not all blondes are created equal, and the tone, whether cool or warm, will determine if it will suit your skin color and look believable. With the right tone, you’ll find that blonde can be flattering for everyone and you might never look back!

Best-selling Blonde Wigs

Your skin tone can determine whether blondes suit you or washes you out. For warmer skin tones opt for golden and honey toned blondes. If you have a cooler skin tone, go for ash and icy blondes that have little to no yellow. Changing your look is fun and with our help, you’ll enjoy every step of the journey. 

Blonde Hair Color Chart


This blonde hair color chart presents a gradient of shades ranging from dark to light and warm to cool tones. On the upper left, the chart begins with deep, rich honey blondes that exude a warm glow, gradually transitioning down the chart into golden and caramel blondes that combine sunny warmth with lightness. As we move towards the center, there's a shift to neutral blondes, which are the perfect balance between warmth and coolness, embodying the classic blonde look. Progressing further to the up, the shades lighten to cooler tones, featuring ashy blondes and platinum hues that offer a crisp, icy effect. The far-right showcases the lightest shades, where cool silvery blondes and nearly white tones reflect a pure, ethereal quality. This chart is a comprehensive guide for selecting the perfect blonde hue that aligns with your desired warmth and lightness.

If you’re a natural brunette, you might find it hard to consider making such a drastic change to blonde. With so many color options it can also feel overwhelming. What do the numbers mean? What about the letters? With our help, you’ll be able to enjoy the process and find the right shade for you. 

Skin Tone

Your skin tone will help you determine the tone of blonde that best suits you and will either enhance your complexion or wash you out. Wigs have come a long way and with so many rooted blondes available, you can easily go from brown to platinum blonde and still pull it off. If the root of a blonde wig is a little darker and ties into your brow hair color, it’ll make it easy to pull it off as your own. Before you decide if you’ll ready to have more fun as a blonde, let’s go over the different tones which will help you determine which tone is right for you. 

Warm Blonde Vs. Cool Blonde

Your skin tone will Blondes are typically categorized by cool and warm but there are also shades that fall in between and would be considered neutral. So not too cool and not too warm. These are typically warm and cool colors mixed or blended. 

Warm Blonde Looks

Cool Skin Tones

If you’re a natural brunette with a cooler skin tone, meaning you have little red or warmth in your complexion, you can go very cool toned and as light as you want. For a natural result consider going with a rooted color to add depth to the base. The Raquel Welch brand offers Shadow Shade colors, labeled SS, that are rooted and give you a darker, more noticeable root area. Gabor rooted wigs also have SS colors, but these are Soft Shades and use softer browns that blend in lighter colors to make them subtle. Cool blondes tend to be lighter and are mixed with ash browns. If you’re not sure whether your skin tone is considered warm or cool, one tip is to check your veins. If your vein color appears more blue or purple, your skin tone is cool. If your veins are green, that means your skin tone is warm.  


Warm Skin Tones

If you have warm tones in your skin choosing a golden or reddish blonde is the way to go. You can also consider choosing a brown base with lots of blonde highlights to really brighten your face and add dimension. The most flattering colors are the ones your own hair would be able to achieve at the salon. Your natural hair color level and tone will also flatter your eye color and overall complexion. If your hair is very dark or naturally black, lifting the color will reveal levels of red, orange, and yellow; matching those tones in your blonde wig will make it much more believable. But don’t worry if you love cool and ash tone blondes you can wear them too. Just keep in mind the rooted options will be more flattering and natural-looking. 

With so many blondes to choose from, there is a blonde for everyone. Making a dramatic change, whether it be cut or color, can feel drastic but it’s guaranteed fun! Embrace the change and find out for yourself if blondes have more fun or not! The great thing about wigs is that this change is not permanent, if you end up not loving it or decide it’s not for you, you can change it up in seconds. 


Finding the ideal wig color can be challenging. The color code breakdown below will simplify the process and help you narrow down the selection. If a color number you’re considering is not listed below, reach out to our customer service team or email to further assist. 

Wig Color Scale:

> Natural Black: 1 – 1B 

Brunette: 2 - 12

Natural Blonde: 14 - 26

Platinum Blonde: 22, 23, 613, 101

Grey: 44 - 60

Natural Red: 27 – 33

Fiery Red: 130 – 134

Color Letter Codes:

> R at the beginning of a color is the brand code, i.e., Raquel Welch

> RL at the beginning of a color is a fiber code, i.e., Raquel Luminous which is Heat-Friendly H - H at the end of a color code stands for Highlights. Highlighted colors are predominately the darker shade. The first number in the code is the base or dominant color and the second number is the highlight which is approx. 30% of the overall color.

> T at the end of the color means it’s tipped. Tipped colors are predominantly the lighter shade. A dark and light color are evenly blended and then about 1”-2” of the ends are just the lighter color.

> / or - When you see a forward slash or dash in between two numbers and there is no letter at the end, the colors are evenly blended.

SS Shadow shade colors have an SS at the beginning or end. These letters mean there will be a darker root. This adds depth to the base and does make the color look more natural. If your hair is naturally darker and you want to try a much lighter shade, the root makes it easier and believable to change it up.

S+- The S+ colors are spotlight shades. Think of having a spotlight on you, what areas of your hair would be lighter? That’s right! The front bang area and some layers around the face. The sides and back have less highlights and are darker.

> G - G colors are gradient and are typically seen in the grey color family. Lighter on the top and around the face and gradually get darker toward the nape. Just like our own hair goes grey naturally.

> HH - HH colors are level shades and are 100% human hair. These level shades are lifted, and color is not redeposited making them perfect to professionally color. As with all human hair, it is not recommended to bleach or lighten but you can take a lighter color and add a darker color to it or tone it.

Let’s go a little more in depth with the blonde colors. 


Blondes are very versatile and depending on the occasion, you might prefer a different level or shade. Whether it's a dressy event or casual vacation, you can find the best suited blonde. 

Consider the previous skin tone guidelines when selecting the tone of blonde that best suits you and the occasion you’re dressing for. 

Wearing Wigs for Special Events

Special events are the perfect time to play with new looks. If you wear shorter wigs daily, consider going a little longer and pinning it up or create a loose updo for a more elegant appearance. If you’re new to wigs, or prefer others don’t know you’re wearing one, think about the party or event. Will there be a lot of people you know there? If so, stick with a subtle change in color or cut. If you’re going on vacation and will be with close family and people you don’t know, consider trying something totally different. Hair is just another accessory you can play with to achieve different styles and looks. 

Blonde Wig Styles to Consider

Consider the topics covered in this article and select a blonde that not only suits your complexion but one that is also right for the occasion. Our team of wig specialists are ready to help you browse the selection and find the perfect wig and color for you. With the right planning and knowledge, you’ll find the best blonde for you.