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Package contains 36 individual tape strips of a contour design, made to adhere to the front and under side of the wig cap. Use this two-sided adhesive product for extra security if you have no hair at the front hairline, or use in any spot where you have total hair loss. See below for precautions and additional details.

A. We recommend you perform a patch test prior to using this tape on your scalp. Cut a small section from the roll and place adhesive surface on a sensitive skin area such as the inside fold of your forearm or behind your ear just below the hairline. If any redness, swelling or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

B. If patch test proves negative, you can apply the tape strips, first to the front smooth underside lining of the wig cap or hairpiece base. For full-cap wigs, place one or two strips at the front area.

C. To ensure a secure hold to your scalp, clean the area where you intend to place the Contoured Adhesive Strips with rubbing alcohol. This will remove natural skin oils and allow the tape to adhere better.

D. Remove protective covering from the strip, then slide your wig on and position the Contoured Tape at your front hairline.

Note: Other areas of the scalp can be spotted with this contoured product. For a more economical method, purchase the Adhesive Tape Roll.

E. When removing your wig, do so carefully to avoid irritating the area of the scalp where the tape was placed. Then clean taped areas with rubbing alcohol or a skin cleanser.

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