How To Reduce Shine on Synthetic Wigs | Making Synthetic Wigs Look More Realistic

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While it’s true that synthetic wigs have come a long way, it’s unrealistic to say the fibers don’t still have a little shine to them, especially when you take a brand-new wig out of the box. This is extremely common in most synthetic styles, due to the nature of the fiber and the conditioning agents used when these wigs are made. Synthetic wigs tend to have a little shine or sheen to them when compared to our own hair or human hair wigs. Don’t panic though, this shine does wear off with time! But if you need an instant fix, here are several methods for reducing shine on synthetic wigs without the risk of damaging your new wig:

Pro Tips for Reducing Shine on a Synthetic Wig

  1. Add Some Dry Shampoo

    1. Any brand will do!

    2. Be sure to shake the can and follow the instructions on the label.

    3. Hold the wig and spray the dry shampoo at about a hands width away – if you spray too close it will leave white residue behind and you will need to brush out those areas.

  2. Use Regular Shampoo for your First Wash

    1. Choose any shampoo formulated for human hair.

    2. Shampoo for the first time or a second time if needed but no more than twice – regular shampoo will dry out the synthetic fiber over time.

    3. Finish with a leave-in conditioner that is safe for synthetic hair or skip all together the first wash.

  3. Tactical Styling

    1. Add waves or curls to a wig to make it appear less shiny. Texture reflects light differently and always appears less shiny than super straight hair.

    2. Brush through the fiber and use texture or powder sprays when styling to lessen shine.

    3. Style the hair into a slick or polished ponytail. Sleeker styles tend to lend themselves for shinier tresses and actually complement each other.

Methods for Reducing Shine on a Synthetic Wigs I Don’t Recommend

  1. Baby Powder- It’s all over the place!
    Although baby powder works in reducing shine; you have very little control over it. If it is all you have at your disposal, I recommend following the steps below for the best results:

    1. Start by placing loose baby powder in the palm of your hand and rubbing it together.

    2. Lightly run your hands through the hair and brush out any excess.

  2. Vinegar- Let’s leave it in the kitchen for now.
    There are several reasons why I do not like this recommendation. One is the very strong and potent smell. Synthetic wigs and wigs in general tend to soak up smells and odors and vinegar isn’t the best. Overall it’s drying and in the big scheme of things costs more than using the regular shampoo method to remove shine.

  3. Laundry Detergent- If you wouldn’t put it on your own hair, don’t put it on your wig.
    Using detergent or fabric softener has been around since I first started working with wigs and although it seems like it could work since synthetic is a fiber, it’s definitely not the best. Detergent is made to strip really harsh agents from clothing like grass stains, oil spills, hard-to-remove stains, etc. I wouldn’t want that near my hair or even skin.

Why Do Synthetic Wigs Have Shine?

Have you ever wondered why some synthetic colors have more shine than others? I’ve got the answer for you! Synthetic colors require less shades to make them and also require less hackling, resulting in fiber that has been touched and processed less.

The hackling process involves taking several bundles of hair colors and manually blending them together to create different levels and tones. This process involves what I would describe as a massive brush with long nails as teeth and someone very trained in the technique to take the bundles of colors, flip them and comb them together. I tried it once, it was not cute! However, you can thank this technique and those who have mastered it for the salon-inspired shades you see in wigs today.

Although there may be times where we fall absolutely in love with the shine of a wig and wish our own hair looked that healthy and shiny, there are many times where we want to dull the out-of-the-box shine. Maybe you are wearing a topper or a bang and the shine sticks out like a sore thumb against your own hair. Whatever the case may be, my pro tips will help you achieve the look you want and have you looking and feeling amazing and confident in your synthetic wig or hairpiece.

If you have a wig that needs some more shine because it is dull or older, try our wig luster spray.


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