Correcting and Preventing Damage on a Synthetic Wig

by Shopify API

There’s nothing worse than coming to the realization that it’s time to retire your favorite synthetic wig. Believe me, I get it – we all wish we could keep our favorite wigs looking fabulous forever. While that might be an impossible feat, in this article I will discuss how long you can expect a synthetic wig to last, different ways to repair synthetic fiber, and tips to prolong the life of your synthetic wig.

How Long Do Synthetic Wigs Last?

WIG STEAMER by Hairuwear

Synthetic wigs typically last about 3–6 months. When I say “last”, I mean looking close to how they did when they arrived new to you. This time frame is pretty standard across all synthetic wigs, but it can definitely be affected by wear and tear, the length of the wig, and even the texture of the fibers. There are so many other factors that play into the longevity of a wig, such as:

  • Storing your wig improperly, which can cause matting and tangles.

  • Wearing your wig to bed or during activities like swimming which can dry out synthetic fiber.

  • Exposing your wig to high temperatures, even opening the oven door while wearing a wig can permanently damage regular (non heat-friendly) synthetic hair.

  • Using incorrect care products that can cause build up and damage.

  • Curly wigs can frizz if not cared for properly.

  • Longer styles can mat and tangle if not cared for properly.

Pro Tips for Bringing Life Back to Synthetic Wigs

If you find yourself with synthetic hair that is matted and frizzy or just beginning to appear dull and lifeless, try the two techniques shown below.

  1. Repairing and Smoothing Regular Synthetic Fiber with a Steamer

  2. Repairing and Smoothing Heat-Friendly Synthetic Fiber with a Boar Bristle Brush

Preventing Damage to a Synthetic Wig

So now that you know what can cause damage to a synthetic wig and how to fix it, it’s equally important to understand prevention measures you can take to avoid that damage. Here are some prevention tips:

  • Store your wigs inside out and apply the hairnet to the hair that sticks out

  • Avoid wearing your wig to bed or when swimming, instead try a sleep cap or wear an older backup wig you don’t mind damaging.

  • Wear a head scarf when baking to avoid heat damage, step away when opening the oven door or remove your wig altogether when baking.

  • Use products formulated only for synthetic hair to prolong the life.

  • Avoiding brushing curly wigs and apply a leave in conditioner to reshape and define.

  • Keep a comb in your purse and car and detangle longer styles throughout the day and prior to storing.

With the proper care and repair, you will get the most out of your wigs and enjoy living life to the fullest in them. Comment and share some of your favorite tips to prolong the life of your wigs.

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