Winter Hair Colors & Trends

by Kristen Collins

Cooler temperatures bring that sweata weatha that we love (at least until about… February!). You’ve got your winter accessories in a bin by the door, along with boots and fun socks, ready to go! Your holiday candle is lit, your gift budget is in the works, and do we hear Taylor Swift’s Midnights on repeat in the background? 

But something else comes with the turning of the seasons, and it’s that feminine urge for our hair color to match the mood and wig wearers are no exception to this! If you’re looking to mix it up and put that summer look on the shelf in favor of a more winter hairstyle and shade, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to get the scoop on hair colors you’ll see everywhere in Winter 2022. 

Popular Hairstyles for Winter

Wearing wigs in the winter has the added benefit of protecting your hair from over-manipulation and heat damage in very dry and damaging months. As a wig wearer, we can enjoy all of the fun winter hairstyles and winter hair color fun without the accompanying winter hair worries! 

Bangs are a popular choice for a winter hairstyle after a summer filled with ball caps, sunscreen, and ponytails. Due to the sudden lack of humidity, it’s also much easier to style and maintain bangs without a greasy or sweaty forehead ruining the look. 

We also love the fun winter styles for accompanying holiday parties! From down or half-up-half-down and curly, Elsa-like braids, to coiffed up-dos, to sleek & straight! We love it all. We recommend rocking a heat friendly wig made from synthetic fibers for the best holiday party ‘do and don’t forget to review these styling tips for heat-friendly wigs before tackling that stunning tutorial you found on Pinterest or TikTok.

Following Trends in Hair Color

Are we saying that a hair color can ever go out of style? No. Are we saying that some shades have their main character moment and enjoy a surge of popularity? Yes! 

Part of the flexibility that comes with wig wearing is the freedom to switch colors without the long chemical process of phasing out one color in favor of another, more trendy winter color that for bio hair can be very damaging. 

That said, we have some tips on how to choose the right wig color for you if you’re hoping for a natural look this winter rather than a dramatic shift. 

The safest choice is to go with a shade no more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural color. Skin tone is also important to consider when choosing a wig color for this winter. A color close to your skin tone or slightly lighter can brighten your complexion, while a strong contrast will focus on your facial features. So, it really just depends on what your winter hair goals look like! Are we brightening our faces, or are we just going for it?  

Winter 2022 Hair Color Trends

We’ve hunted high and low to bring you the hair colors we’ve seen around here in the last chapters of 2022 - from celebrities on the red carpet, to Insta-famous hair colorists and product ambassadors worldwide.  

We know that there’s a Winter 2022 “it color” and wig out there that will suit you perfectly! 

 Winter Blonde Hair

While light colors are typically associated with spring and summer, we love a blonde color that draws inspiration from snowy landscapes in the winter. The lighter color may also match your more wintry complexion and not wash you out as traditional darker hues can. Laura Gibson, a master custom colorist and RUSK Hair’s Global Artistic Director, recently wrote, “Having a warm to neutral shade of blonde will help prevent your hair color from washing out your skin tone.”

Nick Stenson, founder of Nick Stenson Beauty, hairstylist to the stars, and a brand ambassador to Matrix, weighed in on this year’s blonde trends. On his Instagram, he noted that for winter 2022 he “[expects] to see icy cool blondes make a resurgence” 

But if snowy hues are too light for your taste, a warmer blonde wig in a caramel or honey shade can help brighten up dark and dreary weather and stand out against a jewel-toned winter wardrobe. Check out our new Cool Tone Colors by Raquel Welch to find a winter blonde wig that suits you, you really can’t go wrong. 


Red Winter Hair

We’d like to take this moment to direct our red-loving wig locks to the 2022 Emmys red carpet. Copper is the undeniable color for the fall and winter of 2022 and Sarah Paulson, Lily James, and Zendaya are pulling it off. For some inspiration, scroll through Glamour Magazine’s round up of copper haired beauties at the award show.

But if copper isn’t quite doing it for you, no problem. The great news is that red hair is generally trending, and there’s a shade for just about anyone. If you love red but it’s just a bit too bold, don’t forget about red’s more understated crimson cousin who is just as beautiful: auburn. 

The best part about a copper or red-hued wig?  One wig is less expensive than the necessary salon visits to achieve the same look in bio hair. Your trendy red wig will not turn orange after a few washes, demanding the use for blue toner, or chemically damage or cause breakage in your bio hair. 

Dark Winter Hair

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of bold metallic and neon shades in the spotlight. But the pandemic slowed down hair salon visits, and the economy has demanded lower maintenance and closer to natural colors, a new shade in the brunette world has emerged. And we are here for it. The name? Mushroom Brown.

I know. It sounds like we made that name up, but we didn’t, we promise! Head over to Southern Living’s roundup of Mushroom Brown hair for some inspiration (and to verify we weren’t just grabbing words from our winter soup ingredients!).

So, what exactly is mushroom brown hair? Named for the tasty-when-prepared-right portobello mushroom, it is not super warm but rather neutral or even more on the cooler side bringing in that winter moodiness the season demands. Long and braided or in a tight bob, we know a mushroom brown wig will stun this winter. 

But if you love an even darker look, 2022 brunettes are drawing inspiration from their cold winter morning coffee. Espresso brunette hair color has rich, dark, and bold qualities that we also appreciate in a good cup of java. We love our Gabor Collection, known for beautiful multi-dimensional shades that mimic natural growth and are confident one of the brunette shades could be your wig color of the season! 

Deep Winter Hair

Leaving the mushroom color for the light brunettes and “brondes” of the world, we saved the most striking colors for last. We’re talking about our dark brown to black-hair loving beauties. Any one of our shades of black brown to black wigs might just be what your hair doc ordered this season for your Winter 2022 protective style.

Deep Winter Hair is perfect for the woman looking to highlight her features. If you love making a statement - with the whites of your eyes and teeth serving as that bold contrast regardless of your skin color - dark browns and cool black-browns are for you. 

InStyle’s 2022 trending hair color predictions called it Midnight Brunette, and if that’s not a perfect way to describe deep winter hair in 2022, we don’t know what else to call it! 

Browse Winter Wigs and Hairpieces from TWC

We hope this has given you some fun winter hairstyle and winter hair color ideas as we say goodbye to 2022! 

We love knowing here at The Wig Company that a seasonal hair change that does not require multiple trips to the salon or damaging chemicals to land on that perfect trending winter hair color.

TWC invites you to explore our collection of wigs; there, you can filter by length, hair type, style, cap construction, and price. 

To add more volume, length, and fullness to your natural hair this winter, you can explore our toppers available in synthetic and 100% real human hair. Our wig toppers offer a practical solution for thinning hair, localized hair loss, and alopecia. 

Life is short (and so is the winter season) - wear wigs!