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While sampling a variety of Raquel Welch Wigs shared with me via @HairUWear in a full range of silvers, whites and grays, I started thinking about fashion, seasons and change. While for the most part, I more or less wear my hair the same way regardless of the season — I certainly change up my wardrobe, based on the weather, time of year or even the holidays. So, why not have some extra fun by putting on a wig — and pairing it with an outfit as another fashion-forward accessory?

Totally effortless, wigs are not just for those with hair loss. They can be the ultimate fashion statement for any occasion, and they are also great on those days when you don’t feel like doing your own hair, or if it is a hot, humid or rainy day that might cause our natural hair to fall flat or frizz out.

Just for fun or special occasions, every day living and the holidays, too, now is a perfect time to try faux hair!

<img src="" alt="SIMMER by Raquel Welch">

SIMMER by Raquel Welch

<img src="" alt="STYLE SOCIETY by Raquel Welch">

STYLE SOCIETY by Raquel Welch

<img src="" alt="TREND SETTER by RAQUEL WELCH">


<img src="" alt="UPSTAGE by RAQUEL WELCH">


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The Raquel Welch Signature Collection comes in a beautiful variety of spunky to classic styles; an array of textures, and lengths; plus a broad range of natural colors, including all shades of silvers and grays, too. The Raquel Welch line is renown for its quality. Regular wig wearers often rave about the exceptionally natural-looking lace fronts and the way the perfectly placed highlights frame the face. Amazingly, most of the wigs in the Signature line are Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic hair that can be heat styled up to 350F to change the texture from wavy to straight or straight to wavy. The texture stays the same until you heat-style it again, even after washing.

See the styles Dian loved the most here.

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