Hair and Happiness

by Shopify API

Hair AND happiness... sounds like an oxymoron, right? I mean when it comes to our natural born hair - who really is 100% happy with it? I mean for a lot of us, hair causes a lot of frustration. For others it’s the root (pun not intended) of serious stress and worry.

Now you’re wondering why we would select the title Hair & Happiness for our interview series. It’s quite simple really, after getting to know so many of you and listening to your journey through hair loss, it’s almost impossible not to see the beaming joy that wigs bring to those who wear them. I mean you can feel it through a phone call and even a simple text. Maybe your own natural hair doesn’t bring you happiness, but now you know wigs certainly can. They make the impossible possible. How have they changed your life?

I love being a part of The Wig Company because it’s made up from a group of genuinely caring individuals who love what they do. Hair & Happiness was born after a few of us discussed ways we could connect with more of you and how, in turn, you could connect with each other.

Hair & Happiness is a live interview-series with a guest and myself. Our guests will include: customers, a social media follower and, an influencer from the wig community. I personally love every episode because each person’s journey and outlook in life is very different. We dive into some deep questions but you’ll also see us have fun while talking and trying on some of their favorite styles. It’s an hour long (so grab a cup of tea!) where we all get comfortable and inspired.

If you have a story you would like to share, reach out to me on Instagram @thehairyoulove or email Every guest has been unique and has offered their perspective on hair loss and how to overcome it. Each has truly been an inspiration. Check out some highlights from our first three episodes below.

Episode 1

Cathe @atypical60

“I can’t say enough that when your hair loss journey is at the point of looking for wigs, it’s your time to be selfish. Do NOT take into account what others say. This is about you and only you and you need to find that wig that’ll make you feel beautiful and confident.
And if, by some miraculous chance, my missing hair grew back, I would still wear wigs. The time and effort that I placed in “doing” my hair before much of it was lost (due to Trich), was a laborious transaction.”

Watch Cathe’s full interview:

Episode 2

Amber @fabricatingfringe

“I have a combination of genetically thin/fine hair, androgenic alopecia, and telogen effluvium. I have always had very fine thin hair from the time I was a baby. Once I started having children, and going through different hormones, life changes, stress, weight loss, weight gain, aging, etc. I started seeing bouts of shedding, and noticeable hair loss. I never had a lot of hair to start out with, so postpartum hair loss, or moments of telogeneffluvium showed drastically. It was very difficult to hide those areas of loss in my crown, front hair line, and loss of density all throughout. I often resorted to wearing hats.
I'm grateful for the people and connections I've made through this hair sharing journey. It's something that I would definitely do again, and I have found a passion that I didn't know was there. It has made me stronger, and more compassionate and understanding of others. I never would have thought a wig or topper would be such a positive impact on a life, but it has been for me, and I know it has been and will be for many others.”

Watch Amber’s full interview:

Episode 3

Supriya @baldieboo

“The very first time I noticed I was losing hair was in 2013. While in a dressing room, I noticed a small circular bald patch on the back of my head. My doctor sent me to a dermatologist who confirmed it was alopecia. At first, my alopecia was very responsive to treatment (steroid injections) and grew back. Everything changed in 2015 when I had an alopecia flare up. I lost all of my hair in 3 very fast months. The following year I lost my eyebrows and then I lost my lashes. Along the way I lost my body hair as well.
So it wasn’t until I made peace with my alopecia until I could make peace with wearing wigs. Even then, I truly didn’t feel comfortable until I started my Baldie Boo blog and really connected with the hair loss community. I feel like this community has helped me gain so much strength and courage over the past two years. One of the things they’ve encouraged me to do is have FUN with wigs. Something I never thought I could do. Now I love being able to go from long hair to short hair. From brown hair to blonde.”

Watch Supriya’s full interview:

Top Tips from our Guests


“RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. If you see a wig that you like, Google it. Google the name of the wig and add “reviews”. Watch the reviews. Read the reviews. Leave nothing to chance. The wig you see in the stock photo IRL, may look completely different. That’s why it’s important to see how the hair looks on the average woman.”


“Accessories are doable and sometimes add to the realism. Look into adhesives if you're doing something very active, to keep it secure, and lastly, remember the majority of the population doesn't suspect a thing! “


“I recently purchased an over the door shoe rack to store my wigs. This way they can still hang without taking up too much space. I live in an apartment style condo, and while I wish I could have a kardashian style wig walk in closet, in the interim, my shoe rack works out just fine.”