Caring for Your Curly Synthetic Wig | Tips to Avoid Damage

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Whether your hair is naturally curly or you just love the look of curls and use synthetic wigs to conveniently achieve the style, this article is going to cover everything you need to know about curly synthetic fiber. I’ll be giving you my advice when it comes to understanding different curl options, knowing how to create the perfect curl if you don’t see it online, and finally I’ll give you my professional tips to help you take care of that perfect curl once you have it.

What Types of Curl Patterns Exist?

Well to be honest probably too many to count but when it comes to creating curls here are the top 5:

1. Loose Wave or Undone Texture:

2. Beach Waves:

3. Traditional Curls

4. Naturally Curly Texture

5. Tight Curls

Is there an exact curl you want but don’t see online? You can purchase any heat-friendly synthetic wig and create the curl using the tips below. Remember to purchase a style that is a few inches longer to accommodate curls springing the length up.

Care Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Curly Wig

  1. Do not shake or agitate curly wigs when you take them out of the box.

  2. If the curl or wave starts a little lower from the hairline, brush the top and part the hair, but only finger style the ends.

  3. Place the hairnet on the wig when washing to avoid weighing down and separating the curls.

Use a leave-in conditioner and reshape the curls using your fingers.

For more details on how to maintain your curly wigs watch the video below:

Curly hair is so fun and full of life, I hope you loved learning more about the different types of curls and how to take care of them. If you wear curly wigs, drop a note in the comments.

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