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For hashtag-worthy hair, these amazingly easy hair accents let you have #fun, be #bold, and get #creative. When you’re the stylist, no look is off limits!

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    Don't wear a wig... wear our hair. If you want to achieve the The Wig Company "look" without the commitment, check out our line of POP by Hairdo clip-in extensions, braided headbands, wraps, and more! POP will shake up your look in seconds and help you avoid any future regret. From vibrant color extensions to braid headbands, you can create a fun new look that's as easy to remove as it is to pop on.

    The Wig Company is proud to offer customers these beautiful POP extensions, clip-ons, and other accessories. For decades, The Wig Company has been a trusted name for quality wigs and wig care products - and here you'll find a great selection of low-commitment add-ons that can serve as the finishing touches to your outfits.

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    POP by Hairdo
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    POP clip-on extensions, wraps and headbands are a fun and flirty way to add some fashionable drama to your look. We offer a variety of colors so you can quickly and easily shake things up!  POP by Hairdo's variety of wraps are great for dressing up a plain ponytail or bun. Style these fashionable wraps into waves, curls, or spikes and create a new hairstyle that is uniquely you.

    From casual creativity to elegant sophistication, there's no shortage of styles and attitudes you can embrace with POP by Hairdo distinctive extensions and clip-ons. Check out the The Wig Company collection of POP products today and add some drama to your daily routine!

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