Stunning Statements: 5 NEW Exclusive Styles

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The Stunning Statements Collection is growing!

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In September 2020, we launched Stunning Statements, a special collection of trendy, beautiful wigs from the TWC exclusive Statements line. I am so excited to share that as of today 5 new styles have joined the line up! And let me tell you, they are all truly STUNNING.

This special collection of cuts and styles features a trendy twist on the classics that never seem to go out of style.

Cap Construction and Wig Fiber Details

Every wig in the Stunning Statements collection is made with an open and capless construction. This means they’re light, cool and comfortable for all-day wear, no matter the season. Each wig in the collection comes in an average cap size, but was designed with a two-way stretch feature to fit more comfortably. These styles also come with elastic straps at the nape of the neck that allow you to adjust the fit up to half an inch.

When it comes to the style, each wig is carefully designed to have a lighter density to create a seamless, natural look. No one will know it’s a wig, trust me! These beautiful styles are all heat-friendly so you can easily finger style out of the box to keep things simple and quick or take your favorite curling iron or flat iron to create different looks. Just remember to keep the setting on your heat tool below 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

With varying lengths and textures this new collection truly has something for everyone. Let’s break down these new styles individually and see what makes each of them unique and gorgeous.


Lustrous is seriously stunning. It has a full wispy bang with a perfect wavy texture. The length hits right at the collar bone. It’s just right - not too long or too short.


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To Get This Look…

Shake the wig out of the box and brush through the top. Once the wig is on your head, finger style and direct the hair toward your right. If you want more of a piecey look, take small pieces of hair and finger style them together.


Glisten is Lustrous’ cool sister. She’s a cropped cut with blunt ends and a side bang. Glisten also has the perfect barely there and undone wave pattern.


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To Get This Look…

Brush the top and bangs and style the bang to the side. To smooth the wave brush through it and to keep it a little more noticeable, simply finger style.


Ultimate lives up to its name because it’s truly the ultimate curly bob. It has a smooth top and bang but if you prefer a traditional curl, look no further. The larger curl creates the perfect balance between modern and retro.


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To Get This Look…

Comb through the top and bangs and carefully finger style the curls. To smooth the curl, gather a small section and twist it with your fingers.


Enrapture is an edgy short cut with some length at the nape and sides – a mix between the bob and a pixie cut. If you’re wanting to transition and go shorter, this cut looks amazing for that purpose. It has a longer nape for full coverage plus the longer sides frame the face perfectly making it really flattering.


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To Get This Look…

Brush through the top and sides, comb the bang to the side and leave the hair over the ears.


Undaunted is the shortest style in the new collection but definitely doesn’t come up short. With its soft and wispy layers, it’s the timeless short cut for today, tomorrow and forever. Style the layers smooth and polished or a little messy and tousled. This cut hugs the neck to perfection! If you want a tapered cut that looks fresh out of the best salon in town, this is it.


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To Get This Look…

Shake the wig out of the box and brush through the top. Once the wig is on your head, finger style and direct the hair toward your right. If you want more of a piecey look, take small pieces of hair and finger style them together.

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2 New Colors

Launching alongside these 5 beautiful styles are 2 new colors! A dark grey and a dark brown with cherry highlights. Which is your favorite?

What Are Customers Saying?

We let some of our customers try out the new styles and here is what they had to say:

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What did you think about Glisten?

“Glisten is the perfect style for everyday use. This style makes me feel like I went to the salon and got a fresh cut and blow dry. “

Is it easy to style?

“It’s very easy to wear as it is lightweight, has soft fibers, great length to avoid friction tangles and easy to manipulate for partings.”

Would you recommend it?

“I would definitely recommend this wig for anyone looking for a wig and especially to first time wig wearers because of the simplicity of the wig.”

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What did you think about Undaunted?

“I love this style! It was so easy to put on, comfortable, flattering, and the color is stunning!”

Is it easy to style?

“Styling with Undaunted was so easy! I just moved the hair with my hands. The slight textured nature of the fibers allows it to stick in place once you get it to where you want it”

Would you recommend it?

“I would 100% recommend it. It’s a very versatile style with options.”

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What did you think of Lustrous?

“I think the style is very cute. The color blend is beautiful and realistic.”

Is it easy to style?

“It was super easy to style. The fact that it’s heat-friendly is an added bonus because it can be restyled. It is a very cute wig”

Would you recommend it?

“I would recommend it because it is an easy throw on and go, pre-styled wig”

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What did you think about Ultimate?

“I love it! It’s very natural, beautiful and effortless. The hair texture feels wonderfully soft and silky!”

Is it easy to style?

“This is right out of the box!”

Would you recommend it?

“Yes, it’s the best basic cap style I’ve tried!

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What did you think of Rapture?

“I loved the style, very relaxed and no fuss look. The fibers are amazing and the color I choose its just perfect for me.”

Is it easy to style?

“I shook her well and hung her upside down to loosen the fibers up off the cap. I like little permatease for lift and this has just the right amount to keep a beautiful shape. I don’t normally wear bangs or fringe and the design of this style is all about the fringe and forward flow of the fibers. I was amazed at how much I loved this style on me.”

Would you recommend it?

“I would recommend this especially for folks who love bangs. This is at a great price point and the heat-friendly fibers are amazing. Basic cap without a lace front or monofilament and yet I didn’t even miss those features.”

Interested in learning even more about these styles? View our YouTube Playlist to watch videos on each style.

Which style is your favorite and what will you be ordering? If you need help with selecting a style or choosing the perfect color, DM me on Instagram @thehairyoulove or email me directly

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