Why did I partner with HairUWear? In a word – quality.

"The kind that only comes from their 50+ years in the biz. There’s no better way to bring my celebrity styling directly to you. To put my name on this collection, it had to deliver that same dramatic, transformational experience I give my A-list clients.” – Kim Kimble.

The look of natural hair

Realistic Hairline

The soft lace front is pre-cut, ready to wear and shaded to disappear against deeper skin tones. The lace extends to just above the ears, allowing you to wear off the face or tucked behind the ear. Foundation or powder applied to our special lace material will not be absorbed and can be washed out.

Beautiful Movement

HairUWear has created an exclusive version of their remarkable Tru2Life® synthetic hair for Kim Kimble wigs. The light, soft and lustrous texture looks and feels like real hair.

Heat-Friendly Styling

Straight styles can be curled. Curly styles can be straightened. Create new looks using a flat iron and other thermal styling tools set no hotter than 350F/180C. Heat-styling is permanent until heat-styled again – even through wet weather and after washing!

14 Dimensional Shades

Each Tru2Life® color is made up of 7 to 11 different shades for natural looking highlights and lowlights. Color numbers ending in SS have a deeper color at the root. These popular Shadow Shades offer a believable way to wear lighter shades with darker eyebrows.

Customizable, Comfortable, Secure

Adjustable fasteners at the nape can make the fit tighter or looser. Hidden combs at the temples add extra security or are easily removed.

Are You Ready to Be #KIMBLEIZED?