Ponytail Extensions for Instant Volume and Length

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Ponytail extensions are a quick and easy way to transform your look into a variety of styles. From low and casual to sleek and sophisticated or high with full volume, a clip-on ponytail is a great way to add instant volume and length to your own hair. With several styling options like straight, wavy, and curly ponytails, it’s easier than ever to give your thin or short hair an added boost. Shop all ponytail extensions and hairpieces at The Wig Company.

Ponytail extensions can be applied a few different ways, depending on the attachment type. A clip-in or clip-on ponytail extension attaches quickly using two different methods. One method attaches using hidden pressure sensitive clips that are designed for comfort and remain secure.

The second method uses a claw clip attachment and sometimes includes extra hair strands at the top of the claw to provide maximum coverage for a more natural-looking style.

A wrap ponytail extension attaches with a tiny comb or wrap around wire and often includes a strip of hair that wraps around the top to conceal the comb or wire.

Some ponytail extensions are made with human hair, or a heat friendly synthetic fiber, which makes it easy to transform your ponytail from straight to curly or add extra volume and body. Human hair ponytail extensions are perfect for maximum styling versatility. Simply style it as you would your natural hair. Important note: The heat friendly synthetic fiber ponytails extensions should be styled using thermal styling tools with an adjustable temperature control and digital temperature display. Shop all heat friendly thermal styling tools at the wigcompany.com.

Watch how quick and easy it is to attach a ponytail extension:

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