Fabulous Finds for Fall!

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The autumn season is in full swing; the air is crisp and leaves are changing into breathtaking, colorful landscapes. Fall is the time of year that you might be inspired to change your hairstyle into a fresh new look and experiment with rich shades. Whether you are looking to try on a simpler style or explore something more dramatic, you can find it in this collection of the best fall styles!

Bold Bobs

The timeless classic: a bob. Keep it bold and simple with newly released Ellis by Estetica. Hairdo’s new release Breezy Wave Cut flatters any face with multiple layers and curls without bulk. Alternatively, if you prefer a sleeker and chic look for fall, try Chic Choice by Gabor.

Asymmetrical Aspirations

Asymmetric is on trend this fall; these shorter simple styles will keep the compliments coming! Try out Salon Sleek by for a sharp look. Looking for edgy with a touch of softness? Try Ryan by Estetica on for size! Or pick up On Your Game by Raquel Welch to get that classic asymmetric look.

Short and Sassy

Get out your favorite scarf, because short hair for fall never fails. These easy styles can be worn with your favorite cozy attire without worrying about a single tangle. Try Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch for a classic style that can move gracefully between lounging and entertaining. New Frolic by Fashion Club offers a light and wispy style at an affordable price point. Want subtle layering and a natural feel? Pick up Prestigious by Toni Brattin.

Vibrant and Bright

Changing seasons can be dramatic, so why not pick up a dramatic new color? Poise & Berry by Hairdo brings you a bold berry hue that will make an impact everywhere you go. Reflect that fall feel with Hunter by Estetica: a fun, light cut that comes in a beautiful light auburn. Or, give pink a try with Dare to Be by Raquel Welch, an online exclusive that takes a classic cut to bright new heights.

Curls and Movement

Curls are in this fall and we are here for it! For a gently waved and tousled look, try Editor’s Pick Elite by Raquel Welch. Prefer tighter curls? Wren by Estetica has a tighter curl for more natural movement. Or, try Toni Brattin’s Heat Friendly Enticing if you prefer to change up how much curl you wear!

Layers on Layers

Long layers create the appearance of extra volume and add beachy loose waves to stay on trend this fall. Try Avalon by Estetica for a soft look with subtly gorgeous layers. Stay in everyone’s focus with Center of Attention by Gabor. And try out Nice Move by Raquel Welch to capture the layered look without any waves!

Avalon by Estetica

Shop Avalon by Estetica

Shop Center of Attention by Gabor

Shop Nice Move by Raquel Welch

Fringe for Days

From face-framing fringe to side-swept wisps, upgrading your look with bangs is never a bad idea! Change up your style quickly and easily with the soft fringe of Top Tier by Gabor. Looking for something a little more affordable? Take a peek at Paparazzi Fringe by HairIcing to get haircut-free bangs in a flash. Try out something a little bit bolder, fuller, and natural with a Human Hair Clip-in Bang by Hairdo.

Top Tier by Gabor

Shop Top Tier by Gabor

Shop Paparazzi Fringe by Hair Icing

Shop Human Hair Clip In Bang

Easy Elegance


While these may be our favorites for Fall, we know that your taste may not be exactly the same! So, shop our wide variety of styles here.

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