Hair & Happiness

Hair & Happiness with Christina Jones. An interview series about the journey and love of wigs.

Hair and Happiness, a monthly interview series hosted by our resident wig pro Christina Jones, is dedicated to sharing stories from members of our wig community.

Tune in to The Wig Company's Instagram each month as Christina and a guest chat LIVE about their journey with wigs, their favorite styles and share tips and tricks. If you're looking for inspiration and some wig realness, Hair & Happiness is for you! Have a question you'd like to ask Christina personally or see discussed on the next episode? Click here to email Christina directly!

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Coming up next: October 20th at 7:00pm ET @ecouia
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Hair & Happiness Favorites
Episode 1
Cathe @atypical60

Catch a laugh with Cathe @atypical60 as you hear about her journey with trichotillomania, pro-aging, and wigs!

Episode 2
Amber @fabricatingfringe

Get inspired with Amber @fabricatingfringe as you hear about her journey with Androgenic Alopecia, toppers, and wigs!

Episode 3
Supriya @baldieboo

Embrace the baldness with Supriya @baldieboo as you hear about her journey with alopecia, self-love, and wigs!

Episode 4
Denise @heywigsister

Join in on the chat with Denise @heywigsister and hear about her journey with hair loss, finding what works best for you, and wigs!

Episode 5
Tia @tiamariaeveryday

Get up close and personal with Tia @tiamariaeveryday and hear about her journey with being biracial, having hair loss, and embracing wearing wigs!

Episode 6
Andrea @thefauxblond

Listen to our chat with Andrea @thefauxblond and hear about her journey with mental health, gaining confidence, and wigs!

Episode 7
Monika @monikamcg

Join in on the fun with Monika @monikamcg and hear about her journey with thinning hair, overcoming the stigma of alternative hair, and wigs!

Episode 8
Kimira @kimirajewels

Meet Kimira and learn about taking care of your natural hair, curly hair tips, wigs and hair loss.

Episode 9
Mabel @bellamabella

Get empowered by listening to our chat with Mabel about alopecia, supporting others, wigs and hair loss.

Episode 10
Teresa Lane, HairUWear Designer

Tune in to our special 10th episode with designer Teresa Lane from HairUWear. She shares her personal journey with being a two-time cancer survivor and tells us about how she created the very first wrap hairpiece. You don’t want to miss this one!

Episode 11
Valerie @valerinafuentes

Get inspired with women’s hair loss coach and alopecia thriver Valerie as she shares her personal hair loss journey!

Episode 12
Lisa @beautifulyouwigreviews

Get up close and personal with Lisa as she shares her story about living with alopecia and loving fake hair!

Episode 13
Kelli @wiggin.out.mama

Tune in as Kelli shares her experience with PCOS & Androgenic Alopecia.
This mom of 3 tells us about her journey in accepting hair loss & finding faux hair that suits her!