Since 1969, The Wig Company has been proud to provide you with quality, comfortable, and affordable hair solutions. The story of our dedication to delivering world-class service began nine years earlier, in 1960.

The Beginning

In 1960, James and Josephine "Jimmy and Josie" DeCarlucci opened a hair salon in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Throughout the 1960's, they expanded, opening five more hair salons in the Pennsylvania and Ohio areas. In addition to providing everyday hair salon services, they also styled wigs, including hand-made human hair wigs, as well as synthetic and newly discovered heat resistant fiber wigs. During this time period, wearing a wig became increasingly popular. It was considered "a convenience" to drop your wig off at the hairdresser to have it styled and ready to wear. The six hair salons operated until the late 1970's.

A Growing Reputation

The late 1960's was a turning point in the wig industry, with the development of more natural looking synthetic wig fiber blends for both wigs and clip on hair pieces, which were then known as "falls". In 1969, as an already established and successful hair salon operator, James DeCarlucci, along with his son, Vincent DeCarlucci, opened one of the first Eva Gabor Wig Boutiques, which specialized in wigs designed by Eva Gabor International (currently HairUWear). Over the next several years, Vincent DeCarlucci along with his wife, Karen, opened 10 additional Eva Gabor Wig Boutiques throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio, all operating under the name Vincent James Company. Their Daughter, Gina DeCarlucci, joined the family business in 1979, working as a manager of the boutiques, and later joined the team at the corporate office. The boutiques remained open until 1989, as the company shifted its focus to catalog and then later online shopping.

The Direct Mail Catalog Era

In 1980, looking for new ways to expand, Vincent James Company printed its first direct mail catalog, marketing Eva Gabor Wigs, where customers could order from the comfort and privacy of their homes. Over the next few years, Eva Gabor would frequently pose as the cover model and spokesperson for the catalogs. In 1983, as a brand building strategy, Vincent James Company began operating under the trademarked name "The Wig Company", marketing to "smart wig buyers". With the help of Josef Scigliano, executive vice president and designer for Eva Gabor International, 1986 marked the first year The Wig Company introduced its very own exclusive brands called Fashion Club and Perfect Image. Over the next several years, The Wig Company added six more exclusive brands – Statements and Night n' Day in 1998, Hair Icing (originally named Imagination) in 1999, Basics in 2002, Soft Stretch in 2007, and Designer Direct in 2010.

Karen's Life

Throughout the 1980's, The Wig Company became known for its ability to identify and connect with customers through direct mail catalog publications. In 1989, the company introduced six Perfect Images wigs by Eva Gabor under a trademarked brand called Karen's Life. This brand featured Karen DeCarlucci as The Wig Company official spokesperson, sharing her story of how she met the challenge of defining her own personal style. Each of the six wigs showcased several different lifestyle options, giving Karen the opportunity to reach and connect with a variety of customers. Karen DeCarlucci continues as The Wig Company spokesperson today, reaching out to customers with heartfelt messages and unique ways of enhancing a person's distinctive character and style.

Extrordinary Partnerships

Over the next several years, The Wig Company added new brands by forming partnerships with alternative hair companies, such as HairUWear (formerly Eva Gabor International) and Jon Renau. Brands included are Christie Brinkley, Gabor, HairDo, HairUWear, Jon Renau, Raquel Welch, and Toni Brattin.

Digital Expansion

In 2006, The Wig Company began serving customers online at In 2016, the company enhanced the features and functionality of its website, giving customers a more personalized experience and the convenience of mobile shopping.

The Wig Company Today

Today, Vincent, Karen, and Gina DeCarlucci continue to manage the company along with the executive team. Starting as six local hair salons, Vincent James Company (The Wig Company) has grown into a leading alternative hair retailer with global reach through direct mail catalogs and e-commerce. The company offers an unparalleled selection of wigs, hair extensions, hairpieces, headwear, and care products, and is backed by a professionally trained customer care team, to help make hair shopping fun, personalized and convenient.

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