Top Wigs & Hair Trends for Fall 2021

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Fall for Fall Fashion

Fall is by far my favorite season and it isn’t just the smell of wood burning or the beautiful shades the leaves start to turn, it’s definitely the fashion. I love Autumn colors, printed scarfs, long coats and cozy accessories. I wait all year for the cool weather so I can rock a beanie or beret.

Although being a fulltime wig wearer in the summer can have its disadvantages, once it’s colder you’ve definitely got the upper hand. How? For starters, let’s just state the obvious, having the extra covering and warmth a wig provides is very welcomed once the temperature drops.

Then, there’s the ease of changing your color and cut. Colors always seem to warm up when it cools down and being able to adjust your hair color without stepping foot in a salon (especially right now) is a huge bonus.

When it comes to fall, we always tend to lean toward colors and tones that give us that warm fuzzy feeling. Marie Claire reported fiery red, creamy blonde, bronde (not quite blonde and not quite brown, it’s the perfect combination of both), caramel highlights and brassy tones are the fall colors you are about to see everywhere.

And, don’t quote on me this but, they even say these are going to be bigger trends than pumpkin spice! If you’re wanting to change it up this season, try some of my recommendations below.

Fall Colors

If you’re a brunette add warmth to the base or some copper highlights. Choosing to stay dark but going warmer is a great way to liven up your look this fall. If you just add highlights to your usual darker base, it’ll brighten up your hair without having to compromise on the depth:

<img src="" alt="SUMMER HEAT by Statements">

SUMMER HEAT by Statements

<img src="" alt="ENRAPTURE by Statements">

ENRAPTURE by Statements

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If you’re a blonde try going with a ginger undertone or adding strawberry lowlights. Blondes tend to try to tone out ash colors and warmth but try embracing it in the fall. The golden tones warm up your hair and soften flat winter skin tones.

<img src="" alt="REDEFINED by Statements">

REDEFINED by Statements

<img src="" alt="ULTIMATE by Statements">

ULTIMATE by Statements

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<img src="" alt="BEAUTIFUL CHOICE by Statements">


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If you wear red spice it up a bit. My redheads out there are already bold and warm, but try brightening up your red by going with a slightly lighter and more copper tone or even trying a darker cherry red tone. The subtle change makes a big difference.

Fall Hairstyles & What’s New

Bold Bangs

Bold Bangs are great for fall. I love how bangs look paired with hats and accessories. They seem to go with every outfit and the extra coverage on your face doesn’t hurt when it starts to get colder. I also love the phrase bangs over Botox. Love how bangs cover those pesky little forehead wrinkles.

<img src="" alt="LUSTROUS by Statements">

LUSTROUS by Statements

<img src="" alt="TRENDING TRESSES by Gabor">


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Tousled Texture

Tousled Texture might seem beachy and fit for summer, but the undone effortless look is timeless. Try something with a tighter texture this season, it’s fun and makes it look like you spent more time pulling your look together.

<img src="" alt="High Octane by Raquel Welch">

High Octane by Raquel Welch

<img src="" alt="FINN MONO LACE FRONT WIG by Estetica">


<img src="" alt="SWEET TALK by Gabor">


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Short Pixie

Short Pixies are so chic and the perfect cut for turtle necks and scarves. Sadly, our clothing can affect our hair, especially synthetic hair. Some well-known synthetic hair enemies are friction and heat. Longer hair at the neckline and added bulk from winter clothing can cause frizz, matting and tangles. Now is the perfect time to try the short cut you never thought you could pull off, but totally can.

<img src="" alt="ENERGIZE by Statements">

ENERGIZE by Statements

<img src="" alt="RENEW by Gabor">

RENEW by Gabor

<img src="" alt="HEARD IT ALL by Raquel Welch">

HEARD IT ALL by Raquel Welch

<img src="" alt="SERVING STYLE by Gabor">


<img src="" alt="EXPOSURE by Statements">

EXPOSURE by Statements

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Adding Accessories – A Game Changer

No matter the style or color you choose, accessories elevate any look. Beanies, berets, headbands and clips are a great way to change up your style and make your wig look different each time you wear it.

Aspire to inspire: Try similar accessories to mine this season and tag me (@thehairyoulove) in your looks.

<img src="" alt="BEAUTIFUL CHOICE by Statements">


<img src="" alt="RISE by Statements">

RISE by Statements

<img src="" alt="DESIGNER TURBAN by TWC">


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Need help finding your perfect fall hair color or cut?

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