Flaunting Flawless Style: Top Wig Hairstyles for Every Length

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Women With Different Wig Hairstyles

Explore Cute Wig Hairstyles: Perfect Looks for Short, Medium, and Long Wigs

Wigs offer a fantastic way to express your style and transform your look with versatility and ease. Whether you're a first-time wig wearer or seasoned, understanding how to choose and style your wig can elevate your fashion and boost your confidence. This guide will explore various wig types, textures, and lengths, providing you with everything you need to know to flaunt flawless style.


  • Synthetic vs. Human Hair Wigs : Synthetic wigs are known for their durability and ease of maintenance, often requiring less styling than human hair. They hold pre-styled shapes well, making them ideal for those who desire ease and consistency. On the other hand, human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel, with the versatility to be dyed, cut, and styled as one's own hair. They require more care but allow for greater styling flexibility. Although human hair costs more than synthetic, it will last longer. Synthetic lasts approximately 3-6 months and human hair can last over a year with proper care. 

  •  Textural Variations : Wig textures vary greatly and can affect the overall style:

    •  Straight Wigs : Offer a sleek, precise look that ranges from casual to corporate.

    •  Wavy Wigs : Provide a balance of texture that adds body and movement suitable for both day and night looks.

    •  Curly Wigs : Embrace volume and boldness, perfect for making a statement or enhancing natural curls.

Short Wig Styles 

  • Pixie Cut Wig: Offers a chic, low-maintenance style that's easy to style and perfect for those who prefer a minimalist, clean look. Ideal for highlighting facial features.

  • Bob Wig: Classic and versatile, bob wigs provide a timeless look that can be sleek and smooth or wavy and tousled, suitable for both casual and formal settings.

  • Layered Bob Wig: Adds depth and volume with layered cuts, enhancing the wig's natural movement and providing a modern twist to the traditional bob.

  • Shag Wig: Features a rock 'n' roll vibe with choppy layers and varied lengths, offering a youthful, edgy look that's full of texture.

  • Cropped Wig: Very short and close to the scalp, cropped wigs offer the utmost ease in styling and maintenance, ideal for those looking for a bold and confident look.

Short Wig hairstyle with light hairspray

Short Wig Styling Techniques 

  • Pixie Cuts: Pixie wigs can be styled for a sleek or textured look. For sleekness, use a straightening iron on low heat and smooth down with a light serum. For texture, apply a volumizing product and tousle with fingers to create movement and add body.

  • Bobs: Style bob wigs by using a flat iron for a smooth finish or curling irons for waves. For a fuller look, blow-dry with a round brush lifting at the roots. Finish with a light hairspray to maintain the style throughout the day.

Current Trends for Short Wigs?

 → Pixie Perfection: Embrace the minimalistic elegance of pixie cuts, which are making a strong comeback. These styles are not only chic but extremely easy to manage. Consider textured pixie styles that add volume and dynamic movement, or sleek, sculpted versions for a more refined appearance.

Short Wig hairstyle with volumizing product

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Medium Wig Styles 

  • Lob (Long Bob) Wig: Offers the classic simplicity of a bob with a bit more length, making it versatile for various styling options like waves or straight looks.

  • Shoulder-Length Layered Wig: Features layers that add volume and movement, making the hair look fuller and dynamic.

  • Pageboy Wig: Characterized by a straight, blunt cut around the jawline, often with bangs. It provides a sleek and neat appearance.

  • Wavy Mid-Length Wig: Combines the ease of medium-length hair with the texture of waves, offering a casual yet stylish look that can be dressed up or down.

  • Curl-Enhanced Shoulder Wig: Features soft curls that add body and vibrancy for a lively look, great for those who want a more playful style without the length of long wigs.

Medium Wig Hairstyle

Medium Wig Styling Techniques 

  • Waves and Curls: Medium-length wigs can be styled into soft waves or curls using a curling iron. Protect the fibers with a heat protectant spray, curl, then set with a gentle hairspray. This adds a romantic touch suitable for both day and night.

  • Straight Styles: Achieve a sleek, straight look by using a flat iron. Ensure the wig is heat resistant to prevent damage. Use a lightweight oil or serum to add shine and reduce flyaways.

Current Trends for Medium Wigs?

 →  The Bob RenaissanceThe timeless bob continues to evolve, with asymmetric cuts and soft, underturned ends defining the modern mid-length trend. For a more casual look, try tousled, beachy waves that enhance the hair's natural volume.

Medium Wig Hairstyle being flat ironed

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Long Wig Styles 

  • Straight Long Wig: Offers a sleek and elegant look, perfect for both casual and formal events. The length allows for various styling options such as ponytails or updos.

  • Layered Long Wig: Features layers that add volume and movement to the hair, making it appear more dynamic and full of life. Ideal for adding a youthful and stylish flair to your look.

  • Wavy Long Wig: Combines the luxurious length of long hair with soft waves, providing a romantic and bohemian aesthetic. Great for those who want a versatile look that can be glamorous or casual.

  • Curly Long Wig: Offers tight or loose curls that add significant volume and texture. Perfect for making a bold statement and adding personality to your appearance.

  • Long Wig with Bangs: Incorporates bangs into the long style, framing the face and adding a touch of sophistication or playfulness, depending on the bang style.

Long Wig Hairstyle applying heat protectant spray

Long Wig Styling Techniques 

  •  Creating Luxurious Waves and Curls : Apply a  heat protectant spray  and use a wide-barrel curling iron to create loose, flowing curls. Pin curls as they cool for longer-lasting curls.

  •  Straight and Sleek Styles : Use a ceramic flat iron to smooth hair from root to tip. Add a serum or light oil to add shine and reduce frizz.

  •  Protective Styling : When not in use, braid long wigs or store them in a silk bag to prevent tangles and protect the ends.

Current Trends for Long Wigs?

 →   Layered Glamour: Long wigs with luxurious, cascading layers remain a favorite for their ability to add depth and volume. This year, softer, more natural waves are in, providing a seamless transition from day to night styles. Incorporate subtle highlights or balayage techniques to add dimension and modern flair.

Long Wig Hairstyle with curls

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The girls laughing with their long hair wigs on

Special Occasion Styles 

  • Hollywood Waves Wig: Provides classic glamour with soft, flowing waves, ideal for elegant events and weddings.

  • Updo Wig: Features hair styled in a sophisticated updo, such as a bun or chignon, perfect for formal gatherings and ensuring a polished appearance throughout the event.

  • Braided Wig: Includes intricate braids, like a fishtail or Dutch braid, adding a bohemian or romantic flair to your look, suitable for both casual and formal celebrations.

  • Glittery or Embellished Wig: Incorporates sparkles or accessories, such as flowers or jewels, offering a festive and eye-catching style for parties and festive occasions.

Special Occasion Styling Techniques 

  • Updos: For formal events, style long wigs into updos such as French twists or sophisticated chignons. Use pins to secure the style and a finishing spray to add shine and hold.

  • Hollywood Waves: Perfect for gala events, style your wig into deep, luxurious waves using a large barrel curling iron. Brush out the curls gently to create a soft, flowing look.

Current Trends for Special Occasions?

 →   Soft Glamour Waves: This style remains a favorite for its timeless elegance and is perfect for weddings or black-tie events. It adds a touch of classic Hollywood to any outfit.

 →   Sleek Ponytails: High, sleek ponytails offer a modern and chic look that works well for evening events. They are often complemented with wrap-around hair to hide elastics, creating a seamless finish.

 →   Textured Updos: Incorporating texture into updos, such as messy buns or tousled chignons, gives a contemporary feel to traditional hairstyles, suitable for both formal gatherings and casual parties.

 →   Braided Elegance: Braids, from intricate crown braids to simple side braids, add a romantic and sophisticated flair to any look, ideal for weddings or outdoor events.


Using heat styling tools on wigs, especially those made of human hair, can expand your styling options significantly. However, it's crucial to use these tools correctly to avoid damaging the delicate fibers:

 Heat Styling Tools 

Temperature Settings: Always use the lowest heat setting that is effective. Human hair wigs can be susceptible to heat damage, just like natural hair. Look for styling tools that offer adjustable temperature settings and start with the lowest setting.

Heat Protectant: Before applying any heat, spray a light layer of heat protectant on the wig. This will help minimize damage and keep the hair looking healthy.

Technique: When curling or straightening, work in small sections to ensure even styling and to avoid overheating any area. Use a comb to detangle the section before applying heat and move the tool steadily to avoid prolonged heat exposure in one spot.

Cutting and Coloring 

Consult a Professional: Always work with a stylist who has experience in handling wigs. Wigs require different techniques for cutting and coloring than natural hair, due to their construction and the inability of wig hair to heal and regenerate.

Deposit Only:  Due to the process human hair goes through, it is not recommended to lift or bleach the hair. We recommend depositing color or going darker. If you know you are going to color a wig, choose a lighter shade that can be toned or darkened. 

Color Testing: If you're planning to dye a wig, first test the color on a small, inconspicuous section of the wig. This helps ensure that the dye reacts well with the wig materials and achieves the desired color without damaging the entire piece.

Purposeful Cutting: Unlike natural hair, a wig won’t grow back after cutting, so any style change should be considered carefully. Discuss in detail with your stylist what you want to achieve and consider temporary alternatives like styling or pinning hair differently before committing to a cut.


Sometimes, you might find yourself needing to style your wig without access to professional tools. Here are some creative DIY solutions:

  •  Sock Donut Bun Maker: Create a perfect bun using a sock. Cut off the toe part of a clean sock, roll it into a doughnut shape, and use it to shape your wig into a sleek bun. This is ideal for creating voluminous updos without the need for a bought bun maker.

  •  Heatless Curls: Instead of using harsh heat tools that can damage human hair over time, try heatless curls. Wrap damp hair sections around a padded hair tool, leggings, or even the waist tie of your bathrobe. Wrap the hair around and leave them to set for waves without heat.

  •  Paper Clips for Emergency Fixes: If you lose a crucial bobby pin or clip, a paper clip can serve as a temporary fix to hold sections together or keep your wig attached securely to the cap or headband.


Embracing wigs as part of your style routine opens up endless possibilities for creativity and transformation. With these tips and techniques, you can ensure your wig looks fabulous no matter the occasion or destination. Keep experimenting with styles and treatments to find what works best for you and enjoy the journey of personal expression through your wig.

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