Wigs for Large Heads

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Do I Need a Large Wig?

Who hasn’t been guilty of buying a clothing item we plan to fit into someday? Now, think about how often that has worked out and then recognize that your head, unlike your body, does not really gain or lose weight.

The facts are, if you…

  • have a good amount of natural hair

  • have a larger frame

  • simply have a bigger head

….you won’t fit into an average size wig. And why would you want to?

Too-tight wigs can cause:

  • Headaches

  • Cap marks along your forehead

  • Sore spots behind your ears

None of that is pleasant plus, size is just a number.

What Is a Large Cap Wig?

A large cap wig is a wig created for people who have a head size that falls between 22.5 and 23.5 inches. You can easily take this measurement by using a flexible tape measure and wrapping it around the base of your skull (at the point where the wig would end), and pulling it forward, keeping it above your ears, to finish at the mid-point of your front hairline. Individuals with a large measurement of 22.5-23.5 inches will find the most comfortable fit in a large wig.

If you need more help with your sizing, or more detailed instructions, please read about how to measure your head for a wig.

Big Wigs for Large Heads = Better Comfort

Fashion Flair Wig HF by Toni Brattin is available in size “Plus”

The Salsa Wig by Raquel Welch in size Large

Comfort combined with style is what The Wig Company is all about. The best wig, after all, is one you scarcely know you are wearing. The right-sized wig makes all the difference and creates a more natural look than a wig that appears tight or gives you obvious discomfort or distraction. Stop pulling and fussing - embrace the comfort and relaxed wear of a properly fitting wig!

Toppers Make a Great Solution for Large Head Sizes

Sometimes, a full-size wig just won’t work. And in those instances, our collections of toppers, wiglets and half wigs can save the day. Add volume and fullness to your hair in a more localized fashion without a full cap wig. Whether you’re looking to add length, volume on the top, bangs, or more, toppers, as well as clip-on hairpieces and extensions, offer excellent versatility and style.