Mane Elegance: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Human Hair Wigs

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Discover the Natural Beauty and Versatility of Human Hair Wigs – Your Path to a Luxurious and Confident Style

Step into the luxurious realm of human hair wigs, where sophistication and adaptability blend to create the perfect look for any occasion. Whether you're enhancing your everyday look, searching for convenience, or seeking solutions for hair loss, human hair wigs are the key to a transformative and self-assured style.

Advantages of Human Hair Wigs:


Bask in the numerous advantages of human hair wigs, including the ability to style, color, and treat them as you would your own bio hair. Enjoy the natural look and feel that offers a discreet and flawless appearance, elevating your style with the versatility only human hair can have. 


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Maintenance Tips:

Maintaining the luster of your human hair wig is essential. Routine cleansing, conditioning, and proper storage will maintain its vitality. Use products specially formulated for human hair wigs and stick to the maintenance guidelines provided by the brands.

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Top Selling Care products:

Trending in Wigs:

Keep your finger on the pulse of fashion with the latest human hair wig trends. Whether you're intrigued by trendy salon-inspired colors or a sleek blunt bob, there’s a style trend waiting for you. Stay updated with seasonal hues, couture cap constructions, and revolutionary styling methods to ensure your look remains fresh and fashionable.


By selecting human hair from The Wig Company, you're not just choosing a wig, you're embracing a vital accessory that amplifies your personal style and elegance.

Shop the Best Selection Now:

For the ultimate wig shopping experience, visit our wide selection of women’s wigs where you can select from a premium range of human hair wigs. Many of our luxury wigs are ready to ship today or tomorrow, and we offer easy returns with free shipping on orders over $125. Define your lifestyle, desired aesthetic, and budget to discover a wig that is uniquely yours.


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Top Selling Human Hair Wigs:

Final Considerations and Consultation:


When selecting the human hair topper, wig or extension that’s right for you, here are some final considerations:

  • Non-Remy hair wigs are easy to color and come in a variety of shades. They are less expensive than other options and perfect for people who like to try different looks. On the other hand, they don’t last very long, don’t retain as much shine as other wigs, and don’t look as natural.

  • Remy hair wigs are long-lasting (up to one year!), hold up well to styling, and have great shine. They’re heat-safe and style just like your real hair. They can be more difficult to color than non-Remy wigs and come in a narrower range of shades. Usually pricier, these wigs and toppers will be your mainstays.

  • Virgin hair wigs are unprocessed with a very natural look. Virgin wigs are long-lasting and can be heat-styled. Always in naturally-occurring colors, they are less common and more expensive than chemically treated hair.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell the quality of a human hair wig?

Human hair wigs will typically look great out of the box. You can tell the quality of the hair after the first wash. Suppliers coat the hair with silicone or conditioners to make it look silky and smooth but once that washes out, the true condition of the hair can be seen. Human hair varies each wig and by brand so purchase from a reputable company. Raquel Welch Couture wigs are made with 100% certified Remy Human Hair that has been tested by a third party to confirm its authenticity. Do not always trust the words “remy” or “remi” when shopping for a wig.

What's the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs?

Synthetic is a fiber that mimics the look and feel of human hair. Synthetic is either acrylic and sensitive to heat or polyester and heat-friendly. Heatfriendly synthetic can be styled using heat that does not exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Synthetic hair comes styled and ready to wear. Human hair is typically Indian, Chinese, European, or a blend of two or more. Human hair is available in fewer colors and does not come styled. Human hair is the most versatile and can be colored by a professional if needed. When coloring human hair, we recommend only depositing color.

Can I use a regular hair conditioner on my human hair wig?

Yes, you can use regular hair conditioner on your human hair wig. We recommend using a formula for color-treated hair and avoiding the root and base.