In Good Company

by Christina Jones
In Good Company with Christina Jones. Christina is making a heart shape with her hands.

The Wig Company staff and customers have taught me something invaluable during my time here. We of course focus on providing quality wigs in a variety of styles and colors, but our ultimate goal is to support and help wig wearers. It goes much beyond the purchase of a wig.

Through my time spent here at The Wig Company, I’ve come to realize that community equals confidence and when we feel confident we can accomplish anything. The series In Good Company brings wig wearers from all walks of life together. Let’s connect, encourage, and support each other. There’s nothing better than being in good company.

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Erynn chats with Christina about her Crohn’s Disease diagnosis and how it impacted her hair journey, how she braved telling friends and family about wearing wigs, and what she’s learned in the process.

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