Why Synthetic Wigs? | The Advantages of Synthetic Hair

by Shopify API

Have you ever found yourself wondering if synthetic wigs are the right fit for you? Or, why there are so many more synthetic wig options available versus human hair? I’m here to help answer those questions and more.

Many wig wearers are quick to choose synthetic styles and while there are many factors that make synthetic hair more desirable and accessible, let’s break down the top three.

1. Synthetic hair looks and feels like human hair.

Gone are the days of shiny, plastic doll-like synthetic hair! There have been so many advances in manufacturing technology and synthetic hair has come a long way. All of the synthetic wigs featured on TheWigCompany.com are high quality styles, meaning the colors and fibers are thoughtfully designed, made and blended to look and feel like real hair.

To get more technical, synthetic hair is made in different size deniers. Deniers is what the thickness of each strand is called. In the past, synthetic fiber has had a much thicker denier which resulted in a bulky, fake look. Now, brands like Gabor, Raquel Welch and Statements, just to name a few, are using a finer patented denier that looks and acts exactly like human hair, even when examined under a microscope.

Synthetic hair can look a little shinier than human hair when it’s brand new, but don’t worry, that shine will wear off over time. Plus, in the next blog, I’ll be sharing my pro tips to get a much more natural look right out of the box.

2. Synthetic hair comes in more color options.

Synthetic wigs are made with a factory produced fiber, meaning it can be produced in almost any color. That’s why when you’re browsing synthetic wigs online there are way more color options than the human hair choices..

Keep in mind that the human hair typically used in wig manufacturing is Chinese or Indian, therefore naturally dark when sourced. Yes, they do lighten and color it and production has also come a long way in terms of having options like a rooted look and highlights but for the most part, human hair is one color and can sometimes appear a little flat. On the other hand, synthetic wigs come in so many color variants like rooted, tipped, highlighted, lowlighted, foiled, gradient and much more.

Did you know human hair is not easily sourced or available in gray colors? You might be thinking you’ve seen some human hair wigs in gray and although that is true, 99% of the time the gray strands are not 100% human hair. Some brands use yak, heat-friendly synthetic or even just synthetic fibers to achieve the gray look. With a pure synthetic wig, you have a much bigger selection of gray colors that you can match to your natural hair color or even go with something you wish was natural.

<img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0621/4828/0536/files/Rio.jpg" alt="RIO by TWC Timeless">

RIO by TWC Timeless

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VIBRANT by Fashion Club

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GLISTEN by Statements

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3. Synthetic hair holds its style and shape in any weather.

This reason is crazy, but true! Synthetic hair holds its style in any weather, rain or shine, and even after washing the wig or hairpiece. This is ideal when you have an outside event in humid weather – you can guarantee your synthetic wig will not fall flat like human hair would!

A regular, non heat-friendly wig can be damaged if brought too close to heat or simply from the initial heat that comes from opening an oven door (that can be up to 400 degrees!).

TIP: If you’re baking and wearing a synthetic wig, step aside when you open the oven door or remove your wig to avoid damaging it.

You cannot apply heat to a regular synthetic fiber to change the style, but don’t worry because heat-friendly fibers are an abundant, affordable option. . Heat-friendly synthetic fiber has a little less shine initially and can be heat-styled using your favorite curling iron or flat iron (just make sure to keep it under 350 degrees Fahrenheit). When you’re styling heat-friendly synthetic hair be sure to let the fiberwarm up a few seconds and then also cool down a few seconds in the new curl shape. This locks it in and it stays until you change again with heat. It even stays after you wash it…trust me, you have to see it to believe it!

In addition to those top three factors, synthetic wigs are also more affordable than most human hair wigs. Typically, synthetic wigs do not exceed $500 and can range anywhere between $45 – 450 depending on the brand. Prices will change dependent on the cap construction and any added features such as a lace front.

I really hope you loved this first article in our four part blog series all about synthetic fiber. What do you love most about synthetic? Do you have any other questions? Let me know in the comments.

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