In Good Company: Sarah

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Step inside the dynamic world of 'In Good Company', our specially curated series for those intrigued by the transformative power of wigs. This episode is a haven for those hunting for genuine customer testimonials about how wigs can be effortlessly maintained, are a daily boon in saving precious time, and an absolute delight to adorn.

We caught up with the vivacious Sarah from @moxydollll, alongside our eloquent host, Christina from @thehairyoulove. Sarah's journey is a testament to the art of wig-wearing. She delves into her initial reservations, the eureka moment of discovering the perfect wig, and the myriad ways it's enriched her life.

From her spontaneous "wig runs" to her advice on choosing the ideal fit or shade, Sarah's candid chat promises to resonate with both wig novices and aficionados. She highlights the sheer joy, versatility, and confidence that comes with sporting a wig.

'In Good Company' is not just a series but a movement. It champions the diverse, growing tribe of wig enthusiasts, fostering a tight-knit community where stories, advice, and experiences converge. Whether you're contemplating your first wig or are a seasoned pro scouting for fresh insights, this space is tailored just for you.

Sarah's Favorites

Here are some of Sarah's favorite styles:

Dive into this enlightening episode and discover how seamlessly wigs can weave into your life. After all, embracing new styles and narratives is all the more special when you're in good company!

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    Hello Margaret – Here is a link to our blonde, shoulder length, curly wigs:

  • Margaret Taylor

    I wear blonde only blonde shoulder length vurly

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